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Biblical girl names - girls names and their meanings from the bible

In the western world we often refer to first names as Christian names. However, Christian names are really those given to followers of Christ or taken from the Bible, which of course often meant being followers of Christ. In essence the names on this website are Christian, christian names along with both the meaning of the names and also some history of the name. This could be where the name is found in the bible, the most famous Christian who held the name or the first known (or at least recorded) occurence of the name.

Below you will find a completely random name from our collection that will change each time you load the page. The random free name of the day will, unsurprisingly, change each day.

Random Name of the Day.

Name:  Columbina
First letter of name:  C
Meaning of name:  (pronounced kuh-lum-beena) and is regarded as the female variant of Columba, which originates in Latin and means dove.
History of Name:  No mention of this name in the Christian Bible. The most famous religious figure was perhaps the male Saint Columba, from which this derives. Saint Columba had a privileged start in life having been born to the Irish royalty. He became involved in the Church at an early life and became a Monk at Moville. progressing his devotion he became a Spiritual student of Saint Finnian and continued his ministry as an Itinerant preacher and teacher throughout Ireland and Scotland. He travelled to Scotland in 563 but was exiled to Iona on Whitsun Eve. He founded a monastic community there and served as its abbot for twelve years.
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