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Are you looking for some biblical inspiration in naming your child starting with the letter G? This list of Biblical girl names starting with the letter G might just be the help you need. For a fuller description and a Bible reference then please click on the name which will take you to a more in depth explanation and history of the Biblical name starting with G. The in depth explanation of the name, also includes a historical figure with that name so you are able to see whether the name you are thinking of for your baby is likely to suit their personality. Unless, of course, you are looking up the meaning of your own name and wondering who else was called that.

Christian name Meaning
  Gabrielle   (pronounced gab-ree-l) the feminine version of the male name Gabriel, which originates in Hebrew meaning man of God.
  Gemma   (pronounced jem-muh) originating in Italian and meaning Gem.
  Genevieve   (pronounced jen-uh-veev) originating in French and meaning Lady of the people.
  Georgia   (pronounced jawr-juh) originating in Greek and meaning farmer. Regarded as the female variant of George.
  Germaine   (pronounced jer-mayn) originating in French and meaning German.
  Gertrude   (pronounced ger-trewd) originating in Old German and meaning strong spear.
  Gethsemane   (pronounced geth-sem-an-ee) originating in the Greek form of an Aramaic place name meaning "oil vat".
  Gladys   (pronounced gla-dis) originating in Welsh (Wales) and meaning ruler.
  Gloria   (pronounced glow-ree-uh) originating in Latin and meaning glory.
  Grace   (pronounced grays) originating in Latin (gratia) and meaning favour.
  Gwen   (pronounced gwen) originating in Welsh and meaning white.
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