biblical girl names
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For a fuller description and a Bible reference or an explanation of the religious connection, please click on the name which will take you to a more in depth explanation and history of the Biblical name starting with M.

This list of Biblical or christian girl names starting with the letter M has a number of unique and interesting biblical names.

The in depth explanation of the name, also includes a historical figure or Saint with that name so you are able to see whether the name you are thinking of for your baby is likely to suit their personality. Unless, of course, you are looking up the meaning of your own name and wondering who else was called that.

Christian name Meaning
  Meshullemeth   (pronounced mesh-ul-emeth) originating in Hebrew and meaning rewarded.
  Michal   (pronounced mi-shal) originating in Hebrew and meaning "who is like God"
  Milborough   (pronounced mil-buh-ruh) this incredibly unusual name originates in an Old English word Mildburga and means mild fortress.
  Mildred   (pronounced mil-druhd) originating in an old English name meaning gentle strength.
  Millie   (pronounced mil-eh) and originating in the Roman family name Aemilius.
  Miriam   (pronounced mi-ree-uhm) and originates in Hebrew for the name Mary.
  Modesty   (pronounced mod-es-tee) and originates in the Latin word Modestus meaning moderate.
  Monica   (pronounced mon-ik-ah) and probably originates in the Greek word monos meaning "alone".
  Morwenna   (pronounced mor-wen-ah) and probably originates in the Welsh word morwyn meaning maiden.
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