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Name:  Chantal

First letter:  C

Meaning:  (pronounced Shan-tal)originating In Old Provencal And Meaning Stone.

History of name: 
Doesn't appear in the Christian Bible. However, its most famous (female) religious connection is perhaps Saint Jeanne de Chantal. The daughter of the president of the Parliment of Burgundy. Married in 1592 at age twenty to Baron de Chantal and subsequently had four children to him. However, she was widowed at 28 when the Baron was killed in a hunting accident. From that point, she took a personal vow of chastity. Taking on a religious life, on Trinity Sunday, 6 June 1610 she founded the Order of the Visitation of Our Lady at Annecy, France. The Order was designed for widows and lay women who did not wish the full life of the orders. She spent the rest of her life working towards this goal.

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