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Name:  Catherine

First letter:  C

Meaning:  (pronounced Kath-er-een) And Originating In Greek But Of Vague Meaning. It May Be Linked To Torture Because Of Its Association With Catherine Of Alexandria.

History of name: 
There are no mentions of this name in the Christian Bible. However, the most famous religious figure is perhaps Saint Catherine of Palma. She was Orphan with an unhappy childhood in the home of her paternal uncle. Joined the Canonesses of Saint Augustine at Saint Mary Magdalen convent in Palma.

Claims were to have the gift of visions and prophecy.Foretold the date of her death.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria is also an interesting historical figure and is the patroness of philosophers and preachers.

St. Catherine is believed to have been born in Alexandria of a noble family. Converted to Christianity through a vision, she denounced the Roman Emperor, Maxentius for persecuting Christians.

Maxentius offered Catherine a royal marriage if she would deny the Faith, which she chose to reject and subsequently ended up in prison. However, she managed to convert Maxentius' wife and two hundred of his soldiers, all of whom were put to death.

Catherine was likewise condemned to death. She was put on a spiked wheel, and when the wheel broke into splinters, she was beheaded. The spiked wheel is the reason the firework is called a Catherine Wheel.

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