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Name:  Bernadette

First letter:  B

Meaning:  (pronounced Bern-uh-det)and Is Regarded As The Feminine Form Of Bernard Which Means Brave As A Bear.

History of name: 
No mention of this name in the Christian Bible. The most famous religious figure was Marie Bernarde Soubirous. Oldest of six children, born into a poor family, she gained employment as a servant from age 12 to 14. On 11 February 1858,she received a vision of the Virgin Mary in a cave on the bank of the River Gave. She received seventeen more in the next five months, one of which led to a spring of healing waters. She moved into a house with the Sisters of Nevers at Lourdes where she lived, worked, and learned to read and write. Treated with scorn during her lifetime she died in 1879. Since the appearances of Mary to young Bernadette in 1858, more than 200 million people have visited the shrine of Lourdes.

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