biblical girl names
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Name:  Ethledreda

First letter:  E

Meaning:  (pronounced E-thul-dree-duh). From Old English And Meaning Noble And Strength.

History of name: 
Doesn't directly appear in the Christian Bible. Most famous was the English Abbess (630-679). Sister of Saint Jurmin. Relative (sister?) of King Anna of East Anglia, England. Widowed after three years marriage, her second marriage was for political reasons. Her new husband knew of her vow of chastity, but grew tired of this.He tried to bribe the local bishop, Saint Wilfrid of York, to release her from her vow but instead helped Audrey escape to a promontory called Colbertís Head, after which the marriage was annulled, and Audrey took the veil. Currently the Patron Saint of Cambridge University.

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